Industrial burners


The Hauck NM nozzle mix burners are designed for applications requiring a general purpose, long life, low maintenance burner. Fires most gaseous fuels, No. 2 oil or gas/oil combination. Preheated air models to 800ºF (425ºC). Benefits Stable flame over entire operating range Wide turndown Low maintenance

HAUCK StarJet Burner

The open-fired HAUCK StarJet is designed to maximize combustion volume intensity and deliver a quick heat release. Combustion is completed in a much shorter space to minimize flame quenching by the aggregate and allow more space in the dryer for material vailing, thus improving production performance and fuel efficiency.
• No burner tile or combustion chamber required
• All metal construction
• Simple, rugged and low maintenance
• Adjustable flame shaping to match the flame to various dryer configurations
• Available in long-nose versions
• Export versions available

HAUCK NovaStar Burner

Utilizing the latest patented lean burn premix combustion technologies, the HAUCK NovaStar burner produces a compact flamemaking it suitable for all drum sizes and types. The burner is ready to meet diverse production needs and even the most stringent air quality standards. It provides ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on gaseous fuels without the added expense of flue gas recirculation (FGR) technology.
• Capacities from 75 to 150 mm Btu/hr.
• Ultra-low NOx emissions to meet stringent air quality standards without FGR or water injection
• Standard and long-nose variations available to suit all drum types
• Precise air flow control via VFD-low horsepower design offers significant electrical energy savings
• Compact modular design suitable for stationary or portable plants
• Compact flame-flame shape adjustment not necessary
• Natural gas or vaporized propane fired

HAUCK MegaStar Burner

The HAUCK MegaStar employs VFD technology for precise airflow control, offering excellent energy and combustion efficiency. The burner package is compact and easy to install, yet remains accessible and simple to service. Linkages have been eliminated to make the burner easy to maintain and adjust. Available in sizes ranging from a nominal 50 to 200 million Btu/hr. (14,650 to 43, 960 kW), the MegaStar is ready to meet any production need.
• Lower emissions and noise compared to open-fired burners
• Fuel efficient because of lower excess air requirements
• Stable, reliable combustion
• Direct coupled fuel valves
• Precise repeatability, allows for valve characterization using PLC controls for optimum air/fuel ratio
• VFD air control reduces electrical energy consumption

HAUCK TBA Turbo Blower

The HAUCK direct drive Turbo Blower was designed to generate efficiencies of up to 50% over conventional blowers. The Turbo Blower meets air volume and pressure requirements with smaller horsepower to reduce overall power consumption. It is available in six pressure ranges from 12–36 osig (5.2—15.5 kPa) and 63 different sizes ranging from 240 to 13,000 scfm (6.4—348 nm3/min) for providing large or small volumes of air at constant pressures. The Turbo Blower is designed to supply air for combustion or for any low pressure air application, and is corrosion resistant for longer life.
• Integral molded scroll design
• Turbine bladed impeller
• Steel inlet guard
• Precisely balanced impellers eliminate vibration
• Complete line of available accessories for adapting to any piping condition or operational requirement
• More abrasion resistant than steel blower housing

HAUCK BCS-7000 Burner Control System

The HAUCK BCS-7000 is our premier burner control system which provides a full-featured, user-friendly burner control solution for material drying. It manages all performance and safety functions of an asphalt or aggregate drying combustion system from start-up through production cycling and shutdown. With a superior operator interface, the HAUCK BCS-7000 provides critical information such as system status, flame signal strength, advanced diagnostics, alarm history and operational data right at your fingertips.
• Precise control of stack temperature or material temperature and dryer draft
• Expanded limits, system status, and flame signal strength annunciation
• Simplified burner setup and tuning with electronic valve characterization
• Integral variable set point dryer draft control
• Advanced troubleshooting with help screens and remote diagnostics
• Multi-fuel and fuel optimization (liquid and gaseous fuel co-firing) capable
• User-configurable inputs for data collection and trending
• Designed specifically for HAUCK StarJet, EcoStar, MegaStar, and NovaStar series burners and compatible with burners from other manufacturers
• Networkable over Ethernet

HAUCK BCS-3000 Burner Control System

The HAUCK BCS-3000 provides simple reliable operation for installations requiring basic, pilot ignited single burner control. Available in table top or drop-in configurations, the control panel provides all the necessary functions to safely and efficiently operate combustion systems commonly found on asphalt and rotary drying applications. The BCS-3000 combines the simplicity of relay-logic technology with a PLC-based status annunciator.
• Limits annunciation
• Reduced downtime
• Temperature controller for precise control
• Improved troubleshooting
• System status annunciation
• Minimal operator interaction
• Low fire mode
• Manual backup
• Dual fuel accommodation
• Flame signal indicator