Established in 1996, MANTECH AUTOMATION today is the leading products and solution provider in the field of Industrial Automation, Thermal Solutions, Gas Leak Detection and Fluid Control. The company has rich experience of marketing, engineering, designing, programming, commissioning, repair, calibration and customer support.

Today, customers view Mantech as their valued partner. Why? Well, probably because we always think one step ahead, and that's not something we just started doing yesterday. Not only do we think ahead, we also think outside the box. For this reason, we have established ourselves as a provider of integrated system solutions, a dedicated suppliers of leading technology products. Our bundled expertise is truly unique in the market - just as unique as the experience we've accumulated in more than 20 years of passionate work.

What we build on:


Some things do not come easily. They must be accumulated over time, learned from others or constantly re-acquired-which is what makes them so valuable. One of these things is experience. It's only through experience that you can develop ideas that will open up genuinely new ground. Those who share our core aspiration to continue exploring new paths will appreciate all the more the value of experience in business and for a business. This is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to broadening our experience and passing it on to our customers. So that everyone can benefit from it.

What sets us apart:


Some things are completely taken for granted. It is only when they are missing that we appreciate their true importance. This applies in particular to closeness. Without closeness, it is hard to build relationships and forge genuine mutual understanding. As an established MSME company, we know this. And we know the importance of keeping communication paths short-both inside and outside the company. This is why we make such a point of facilitating personal contact at each of our business steps and never lose sight of personal interaction.

What drives us forward:


By restricting yourself to fine-tuning what already exists, you'll eventually come up against limits- whether technical, economic, or indeed personal. Transcending those limits takes courage. The courage to be different and believe in your own ideas. The courage to venture into the unknown, seek new paths and mastermind inspirational products. Only with courage you can start searching today for solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. Which is why courage is the vital stepping-stone to our success-as is eloquently reflected in our company history: Instead of being content with the status quo, we constantly reinvent ourselves.

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